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Services Our utmost concern is that the handling of your order, the purchase or sale of your medical device, will be executed with the least time and effort as possible for your part. This is why our range of service offers far more than only the business with used medical devices.

Service for used CT and MRI systems

Our service for you includes the following:

we only sell

tested, overhauled and maintained second-hand devices.

we deliver

second-hand parts and spare parts with a medtec warranty.

we carry out

the entire installation or de-installation.

all orders are

carried out by ourselves: our world-wide partners are specialists authorized and audited by us.

we offer

repairs for HF-coils for Siemens MRI-systems.

we offer an

instant exchange and replacement service of CT-devices in Germany and Austria.

we offer

training courses for all our customers and partners all over the world.

we guarantee a

professional disposal of old defective devices and components.

we review,

check and assess CT and MRI devices of all types.

Delivery and installation of used CT and MRI systems

Delivery and Installation

Should you decide to purchase any medical device from us, you decide for a comfortable, comprehensive delivery and installation service.

we test and check

all our second-hand products in our own test-bay.

we attend to all

delivery and customs formalities.

our installation service

is comprehensive and is completed not before the device is completely operative.

we train your

personnel on-site.

Repair and spare parts of used CT and MRI systems

Repair work and spare parts

we deliver

second-hand parts and spare parts with a medtec warranty.

we repair

HF-coils for Siemens MRI-systems.

all spare parts

are tested, checked and are delivered with a warranty for function.


In case of urgency we offer express-delivery. We cooperate with international courier services that guarantee prompt delivery such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT.

Workshops and trainings for used CT and MRI systems

Training Courses and Special Workshops

As a specialist in the area of CT-systems we share our know-how with the buyers of our products and offer training courses for users, technicians and engineers. These courses are not constrained to any manufacturer.

Our courses

are for users, technicians and engineers.

Our courses

are held in our test-bay working with run capable devices and systems.

CT-engineers can be retrained

for new systems or systems of different manufacturers.

We offer

special workshops for CT-specialists.

In case you are interested in training courses and special workshops, please contact us. You will find our contact data under „Contact".